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BI Reel Course Services

Power BI

Start you Power BI journey with us! This course will take you from zero knowledge to publishing your first fully dynamic report. We begin by looking at all of the inner systems of Power BI. Next, we will connect to data in several ways.
We will learn several skills along the way. Reporting, DAX, and Power Query to name a few.

$45 CAD

Power BI

Feel as though you know quite a bit about Power BI? Looking to take your knowledge to the next level? This course will take you from a novice Power BI user to an intermediary Power BI reporting pro. Publish compelling reports that business owners wish they had. We begin by exploring the world of business and using more advanced DAX to drill into better insights.

$60 CAD

Power BI

Do you want to master Power BI? This course will take you from an intermediary level to being able to publish enterprise level reports & dashboards. In this course we take our already existing knowledge of Power BI to the test applying new and refined methods to complete data visualization and analysis.
After completing this course you can feel confident that your abilities within the Power BI reporting world are at the highest of business standards.

$75 CAD

Mastering the Art
of DAX in Power BI

Mastering the Art of DAX in Power BI! This courses goal is to encapsulate all of the popular DAX formulas for all your business needs. We will be looking at key measures, cumulative patterns, time intelligence & predictive analytics. Once these tools are mastered the insights into what drives your business becomes clear.
BI Reel believes you will have the business acumen you need in the world of DAX once you have completed this course.

$150 CAD