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BI Reel Portfolio Showcase

Star Wars

Various Star Wars data from movies, characters, planets, starships, and vehicles. This utilizes a clean report look with dynamic tooltips to allow imagery context to the selected data.


My son was learning about data and graphs in school. I thought what better opportunity to teach data analytics than to create a fun Pokémon Power BI report.

Maven Toys

Maven Analytics puts on regular challenges that you can partake in to add to your portfolio.
Sales & inventory data for a fictitious chain of toy stores in Mexico called Maven Toys, including information about products, stores, and daily sales transactions.

Used Car

Car prices based on data scraped from the web. Look at regional statistics, compare vehicle makes/models by price and mileage & search vehicles by VIN.

Video Game

Video game sales based on data scraped from the web. Look at how games perform on different platforms... filter by genre, year and publisher.


Avocado prices based on data scraped from the web. See how the distribution of avocado sales across the united states impacts the cost, find trends within costs & volume.

Filter Pane

Templated File with 'dummy data' to display the use of a custom filter pane. This file can be reused with several different datasets to display actionable insights.